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An adventurous production company telling science stories from rugged places.

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We tell compelling human stories from the field to inspire, educate, and foster connection with the wild for real-world impact. 

We work with STEM, culture, and conservation organizations and research labs to share exciting initiatives with the people who need to see them. 

From front-end story strategy to educational videos and documentary film production, we have you covered.

Welcome to the Lab.


Rockies Repeat (2021)

Rockies Repeat is a short documentary that grapples with the cultural impacts of climate change in the Canadian Rockies. The film follows a team of artists as they trek into the mountains to reinterpret the work of early Banff painter, Catharine Robb Whyte to see familiar places from new perspectives a century later.


Driving Change (2022)

Client: The Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley

We worked with the Biosphere Institute to create a short video featuring local legends to encourage Bow Valley residents to choose an electric vehicle. We led story-finding sessions to identify the key barriers to going electric for mountain communities, including range anxiety, and then we built a targeted video piece to arm the Biosphere Institute with a powerful educational tool for digital audiences and at local events. 


Bison Reintroduction Web-Series (2019)

Client: Parks Canada
Co-Producer: Parks Canada

In 2017, Parks Canada reintroduced wild bison to Banff National Park after they were absent from the wild for nearly 150 years. With her work with Parks Canada, director Caroline Whyte co-produced a 5-part series about the return of bison to Banff National Park. This vlog-style series invites you into the rugged backcountry alongside Bison Stewards on ski, heli, and horseback to see what it takes to return an icon to Canada's first national park.

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